How can mesh bag manufacturers improve product toughness?

24 May 2022



Mesh bags are one of the packaging materials for fruits and vegetables. If mesh bag manufacturers want to increase product sales, they must improve the toughness of their products. Qingdao SG GLOBAL Packaging Co., Ltd. now makes a detailed introduction:

1. Improve the quality of raw materials

The quality of the material directly affects the toughness of the mesh bag. With different quality raw materials, the quality and toughness of the mesh bag are completely different. Mesh bags with good toughness are not easy to be sewn and are easily damaged.

2. Improve the equipment and technology for producing mesh bags

Production equipment and technology also affect the quality and toughness of the mesh bag, because the products produced by good equipment will not be defective again, and the mesh bag will not be damaged due to the weight of the product during use.