How to Properly Improve the Life of PP Woven Bags

27 Apr 2022



With the progress and development of the social level, woven bags are widely used. Many products made by woven polypropylene bags wholesalers are widely loved, but we can carefully choose the products according to our favorite style. What methods can be used to increase its longevity during daily operations?

In fact, we know the relevant common sense of the product. In order to prolong the service life of the product, it is necessary to strictly manage the environment in which the product is stored. It mainly includes the external environment such as temperature, humidity and light. If it is placed in the open air, it will be damaged quickly due to the invasion of rain, direct sunlight, wind, insects, ants and mice. However, assuming that it is placed indoors, good storage must also pay attention to the fact that the product must be placed in a proper place, which can prolong the operating life of the product and save huge costs.

PP woven sacks have the advantages of insulation, good flexibility, light weight, strong tensile force, good aging resistance, wear resistance, small diameter, and low elongation.