There are three ways to improve the flatness of pp woven bags

17 Jun 2022



1.Improve the frame force distance motor gear and the number of teeth of the force distance motor gear, increase the winding tension, balance the warp and the loom, and gently tighten the winding shaft.

2. Replace the speed ratio of the traction gear of the wire drawing machine, increase the tension speed of the flat yarn in the process, increase the temperature of the progressing oven, and increase the tension of the monofilament after the oven temperature is adjusted during the flat yarn drawing process.

3. Improve the diameter of the jumper spring of the circular loom, enhance the elasticity, and the elastic spring has always been woven in a cylinder. After the cam is converted, the pressure in the direction of the cam and the comb teeth is stable, the force of each theodolite is balanced, and no twisting wire is formed. The speed of the weft harvester, speed governor, and tractor is synchronized, the speed of the thread is not sovereign, the tightening balance, the change of the diameter of the eccentric yarn, the pseudo-balance of the yarn, and the hardness does not conflict.

In order to print better, the woven bag must be better flattened. In order to overcome the problems of ordinary plastic woven bags, such as many twisted threads, uneven latitude and hardness density, ink is not hard, etc., the monofilament width of general plastic woven bags is 0.2 cm, the hardness per square meter is 550, and 560 pseudo-filaments must be overcome. . In order to improve the flatness of the woven bag, it is necessary to improve in many aspects such as process equipment.