[Good days are dried out] Planting beans to puff up villagers’ money bags

04 Sep 2020


Source: http://news.sina.com.cn/o/2020-09-04/doc-iivhuipp2421273.shtml

        Wang Jinshan is the first secretary and team leader of Dongxinying Village, Xixinying Township, Guyuan County.

        Since being stationed in the village in 2018, Wang Jinshan ran funds, ran projects, and found departments, and obtained more than 1.8 million yuan in funds to build a Jiadou Park with 278 greenhouses. He established the Dongxinying Village Jiadou Association and invited technicians to conduct training. Instructed the villagers to plant scientifically and increased the output of frame beans. The villagers increased their income by growing beans, and their lives got better and better.

        "Our family planted 7 acres of green beans this year and earned more than 20,000 yuan, which is much stronger than other crops. This green beans has really become the'golden beans' for farmers to get rid of poverty and get rich." On August 28, in In the Jiadou Park of Dongxinying Village, villager Ma Longfeng said happily, thanks to Wang Jinshan, the first secretary in the village, who helped everyone build the Jiadou Park and found a way out of poverty and becoming rich. Ma Longfeng said that in the past few years, snap beans have been selling well. The village has also built a small science and technology institute and introduced Jinfeng Commune to provide villagers with free technical guidance. Jinfeng Commune mainly provides services to farmers in terms of fertilization, management and quality assurance.

        With the efforts of various departments, assistance units and Wang Jinshan, Dongxinying Village has built a vegetable trading market and a villager’s training room where villagers can pick up broad beans and process woven bags all year round. Work. In 2018, Dongxinying Village got out of poverty and was rated as a model village for creating beautiful courtyards.

   "When the farm is busy, the villagers grow beans; in the slack, they sort broad beans in the training room and process pp woven bags. Now they can earn 70 yuan a day, and after being proficient, they can earn more than 100 yuan a day." Wang Jinshan said.

   Wang Jinshan introduced that, relying on the busy farming to grow beans and the slack to do processing, Ma Longfeng's family got rid of poverty and lived a good life. In Dongxinying Village, like Ma Longfeng, many villagers got rid of poverty and got rich by planting Jiajiao, and lived a good life.

   When entering the house in the evening of 2019, Wang Jinshan accidentally fractured his left foot due to slippery dark roads. He threw on crutches and insisted on running for the villagers.

   "I am a party member and a poverty alleviation cadre. I can't lose the chain at a critical moment. Seeing the villagers have changed their lives because they planted beans, and their days are getting better every day, I feel happy in my heart." Wang Jinshan said.