What are the three common characteristics of plastic woven bags

09 Sep 2020



PP Woven bag is made of PP material, which is made of polypropylene wire drawing, weaving, sewing and color printing. So what are the three common characteristics of plastic woven bags?

1. High breaking strength

Plastic braid is a kind of material with high flexible fracture strength in plastic products, which is related to its molecular structure, degree of crystallinity, and drawing orientation. It is also related to the type of additives. If the specific strength (strength/specific gravity) is used to measure the plastic braid, it is higher than or close to the metal material and has good chemical resistance.

2. Good wear resistance

The friction coefficient between the pure polypropylene plastic braid is small, only about 0, 12 is similar to nylon. To a certain extent, the friction between the plastic braid and other objects has a lubricating effect.

3. Light weight

Plastics are generally relatively light, and the density of plastic woven fabrics is about 0, 9-0, 98 grams per cubic centimeter. Often used polypropylene braid. If no filler is added, it is equal to the density of polypropylene. The density of polypropylene for plastic weaving applications is 0, 9-0, 91 g/cm3. Braids are usually lighter than water.