China Twenty Metallurgical Industry: Keeping in mind the original intention of safe production

02 Sep 2020



In Wuhan in August, the sun was scorching the earth and sweating profusely after a few minutes out, but the majority of engineering builders still stick to their posts. At the construction site of the Wuhan East and West Lake Rainwater and Sewage Diversion and Reconstruction Project of the 20th Metallurgical Industry in China, the frontline construction workers are sweating in the foundation pit under the scorching sun, working nervously and orderly. They are under the test of high temperature, but never Complain, and exchange hard work for efficient project construction.

Stay on the front line without fear of high temperatures

"Safety is greater than production, and the health of the construction personnel is always the first." This sentence has repeatedly appeared in the weekly engineering meetings of the project department. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to seize the construction period, the Wuhan Dongxi Lake project of China 20th Metallurgical There was a continuous upsurge in the scene. Since entering the summer high temperature, workers who work intensively every day are prone to fatigue and heatstroke symptoms, which bring many unfavorable factors to safe production. In order to ensure the personal safety and health of frontline construction workers, according to the weather report information, the Dongxihu Project Department timely Make careful arrangements to adjust the working hours of the work team, avoid construction during high temperature periods, and adopt the method of "doing both ends and rest in the middle" for all construction personnel. Stop work during high temperature periods to avoid heatstroke and ensure production safety.

Since June, the project department has regularly carried out summer high temperature and flood season safety inspections on construction sites in various areas to supervise the implementation of safety measures. At the same time, the project department also formulated emergency plans according to the characteristics of different construction sites, and organized workers to carry out safety operation training such as heatstroke prevention and cooling. In addition, the project department has also purchased batches of Huoxiang Zhengqi Water, Rendan, Fengyoujing and other heatstroke prevention and cooling medicines for regular distribution, and under the premise of ensuring the safety of workers, the project is fully promoted.

Focus on safety in production and prevention

The Wuhan Dongxihu Project is a key water conservancy project invested and constructed by the Dongxihu District Government of Wuhan City, and it is also a huge livelihood project. The main construction content includes rainwater pipe culvert, pipeline dredging, open channel renovation, pumping station culvert gate, landscape greening, etc. The project covers a total area of 93.08 square kilometers. The east and west lakes of the project construction area have a large traffic flow and abundant groundwater. The water level and water volume change with the seasons. The maximum buried depth of the foundation pit is about 9 meters. Therefore, the construction is extremely difficult during the high temperature and flood season in summer.

In order to ensure the safe and effective construction of the construction, the 20th Metallurgical Project Department of China strictly implemented five countermeasures: 1. Carry out construction in strict accordance with the design drawings and strengthen the quality control during the construction process; 2. Strengthen the foundation pit monitoring and management, and set up special monitoring The team, a dedicated person and a full-time team, measures the original data in a timely and accurate manner according to the monitoring frequency, and analyzes the original data in time through the data processing software, and obtains the deformation or force trend of the structure to adjust the construction measures; 3. Develop a foundation pit safety emergency plan for Carry out targeted rescue measures for the dangers that may occur in the foundation pit, adhere to the principle of prevention, and try to avoid the occurrence of danger; 4. Do a good job in ground drainage and waterproofing of the enclosure structure during excavation to ensure the stability of the foundation pit 5. Do a good job of drainage and drainage measures, according to the geological and hydrological conditions, do a good job of draining the open ditch and collection well in the foundation pit, so as to reduce the groundwater level to facilitate the excavation of the foundation pit.

The responsibility of central enterprises keep in mind the original intention

After the completion of the project, it will effectively improve the living environment of hundreds of thousands of residents in Dongxihu District, Wuhan. Up to now, the rain and sewage diversion transformation of Lejia Community in the Erzhaomaling area has been completed. The sewage pipeline projects of Food No. 1 and Food No. 2 have been completed. The road sewage pipeline has been basically completed. The rainwater pipeline and sewage pipeline of Xingou Market Street are scheduled to be completed and delivered to the sub-district office at the end of September for the construction of houses.

As a central enterprise, China Twenty Metallurgical has always kept its original mission in mind and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. During the flood season, the project department initiated the flood prevention and disaster relief emergency plan, and formed the flood prevention and emergency rescue team immediately, using all kinds of sand, pp woven bags, and shovel. , Waterproof cloth, flashlight and other flood prevention materials, cooperated with pumps, excavators and other equipment to urgently start various flood prevention work, build a series of "flood prevention dams" in time, and complete rescue work in half a day to ensure the safety of people's lives; The silk is not a line, and a single tree is not a forest." Project personnel actively purchased flood control materials such as instant noodles and mineral water, and drove them to Zuomaling Street, Xingou Street, Changqing Street, and Cihui Street in Dongxihu District to protect the citizens from flooding. The project team overcame numerous difficulties in epidemic prevention, flood prevention and heatstroke prevention, and improved the water quality of three ditches, namely, Shisanzhigou, Shuyiyizhigou, and South Shiyizhigou, and successfully passed the inspection and acceptance. The people and government of Dongxihu District submitted a satisfactory answer.