SG Global Packaging Plastic Weaving Company held "Safety Production Month" training

08 Sep 2022



SG Global Packaging Plastic WeavingCompany held "Safety Production Month" training

Persons in charge of various departments of SG Global Packaging fully implement their safety responsibilities, enhance employees' awareness of safety risks, effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, and promote the company's safe and stable development. At 10:00 a.m. on September 6, 2022, the plastic weaving company held 2022 in the training conference room. At the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" activity in 2019, more than 20 company leaders, middle-level cadres and management personnel above the team leader participated in the activity. According to the event agenda, I watched the feature films of "The Launching Ceremony of the Group's "Safety Production Month" Activities" and "Abide by the Safety Production Law and Be the First Responsible Person". At the meeting, Jacky, head of the company's safety supervision and management department, read out the "Safe Production Month" activity plan of the plastic weaving company, and detailed the contents, measures and requirements of the "Safe Production Month" activity. In order to further create an activity atmosphere with the theme of "obeying the safety production law and being the first responsible person", he pointed out that all cadres and workers should firmly establish the concept of "people-oriented, life first", and focus on carrying out the "safety production month" activities. It is closely around the theme of "obeying the safety production law and being the first responsible person". Carry forward the idea of "life first, safety first", strengthen responsibility implementation, enhance safety awareness, create a good safety atmosphere throughout the company, and provide a strong guarantee for the realization of annual safety production goals.

    HELLEN, the leader of the circular woven cloth roll workshop, and Mary, the leader of the woven bag workshop, spoke on behalf of the front-line workers.