Company held PP woven bags PP woven Fabric Mesh bag, net bag roll ,weed control matproduct knowledge and operation skills grade assessment seminars and competitions

26 Aug 2022



Qingdao SG Global Packaging group company held PP woven bags, PP woven Fabric,

Mesh bag, net bag roll,weed control mat product knowledge and operation skills grade assessment seminars and competitions, the components give full play to the wisdom and work enthusiasm of personnel and teams, improve quality, improve quality, strengthen skills, and strengthen safety.

Organize employees to carry out technical training. In actual production, employees combine theoretical knowledge and practical operation, which effectively improves the operation level of the post and improves the quality of products, ensuring the stable operation of meeting customer needs and production. And set up a quality and technical improvement team. PP woven fabric quality assurance team, PP woven bag quality assurance team, Mesh bag quality assurance team, net bag roll quality assurance team, weed control mat quality assurance team. All-round, full-staff and full-process guarantees the quality and delivery of customers' orders.
We do our best to provide good quality goods manufactured by up-to-date facilities and develop a variety of products at a competitive price. We assure not only steady production capability and on-time shipments, but also professional skilled workers and better the quality of products.