SG GLOBAL PACKAGING has been registered and certified under French packaging laws

01 May 2024





I, Laurent Berthuel, acting as Chairman of Léko, certify that company Qingdao Sg Global Packaging Co., Ltd. is under contract with Léko SAS and is fulfilling its obligations for its household packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for the year 2024 under Léko Membership number 1706174526159. Unique Identification Number (UIN) for the household packaging sector: FR379924_01FHSZ This certificate is issued to serve the purpose it might be required. Paris, « 20-2-2024 »

Qingdao SG Global Packaging Co., Ltd. Started to manufacture polypropylene and polyethylene outer packing goods from 1993, exporting rate is about 60%, with high capability of our goods various from 20, 000mts / year. We have passed GRS, SGS, EPR,CE, FDA, BV, TUV, ISO9001 and other certifications. We own the US/China trademark. We are the member of Chinese packaging association. Through more than 20 years exporting experience, we are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of the below products from China, which including PP/BOPP woven bags, both tubular and flat woven fabrics, various poly mesh bagsand fabrics, bulk bags, PE tarpaulins, weed mat, silt fence.