How to choose weed mat for gardening

29 Nov 2021

Author: How to choose weed mat for gardening


How to choose weed mat for gardening

The following three aspects should be grasped when choosing gardening ground cloth(ground cover fabric):

    Width: The width of the material is related to the laying method and quantity. In order to reduce the time loss and material loss caused by cutting, the standard width of ground cloth should be used as much as possible for plane combination. The current common widths are: 2.10 meters, 3.30 meters , 3.50 meters, 4.20 meters, 5.25 meters; common widths in vineyards are 1.0 meters, 1.2 meters, 3 meters, and 4 meters; blue rice gardens have widths of 2.40 meters, 3.60 meters, 4.80 meters, 6.0 meters, and 8.0 meters.

   Length: You can choose according to the actual situation.

   Color: There are two types of ground cloth: black and white. Black can be used indoors or outdoors, while white is mainly used in greenhouses. Its function is to increase the light level in the greenhouse to promote the photosynthesis of plants. At the same time, because of the white ground cloth The reflection of light can also reduce the accumulation of heat on the ground of the greenhouse and lower the ground temperature. At the same time, through reflection, it can prevent the survival of unhappy insects behind the fruit tree leaves in the greenhouse and reduce crop diseases. Therefore, white ground cloth is often used in greenhouse cultivation where light requirements are relatively high.

  Life time: Since the main function of ground cloth is ground protection and weed control, its service life should have certain requirements. Otherwise, the damage of the material will directly affect drainage, weed control and other functions, from the production investment and benefit From a perspective, the material's cost performance (lifetime/price) should be greater than 2. Generally, the service life of ground cloth can reach more than 3 years.

  Gardening ground cloth(landscape fabric) not only saves labor and effort, but also the laying operation is quite simple. When laying, just follow the planting row of planting plants, cover the horticultural ground cloth on the nutrient belt of the fruit tree (vertical projection on the periphery of the canopy), spread it evenly, and finally cover the side with soil blocks to fix it, or Self-made ground cloth buckle for fixing, or U-shaped weed control mat (landscape fabric) fixing nails to prevent wind blowing.

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