Woven bags and sand pebbles are in place! Xiangyin has entered the main flood season

23 Jun 2020


Source: https://k.sina.cn/article_2721558170_a237ae9a0010103eo.html?wm=13500_0055&sinawapsharesource=newsapp&vt=4

Yueyang Daily All Media News (Correspondent Guo Yudi) On June 1, Xiangyin County entered the main flood season. The meteorological and hydrological departments summarized and analyzed the rain and water conditions in the early part of this year: the rainfall process in our province increased significantly in June, the intensity increased, and the probability of mountain flood disasters and small and medium river floods increased; due to the increased possibility of basin-type floods, the county The pressure on flood control and security has increased, and materials and equipment reserves are currently being strengthened.

The largest county in Xiangyin is water, and the biggest hidden danger is water. The county's flood control levee is 402 kilometers long. It is one of the three key flood control counties in the province. To ensure that the flood control work is carried out, the county has adjusted and enriched the county and township two levels of flood control and drought control command institutions in the past few days. "Responsibility system, clarify the specific responsibilities for each levee, project, and project; integrate the functions and technical strength of the county emergency management bureau and county water conservancy bureau for flood control and disaster relief, and establish a new flood control headquarters office; comprehensively update the formation of patrol teams and rescue Teams and duty teams; combining new rain conditions, water conditions and working conditions changes, according to the standards of "outside flood prevention, internal waterlogging drainage, personnel withdrawal, dangerous places", highlighting the scientificity, rationality and operability , Revised and perfected various types of flood prevention and drought relief and emergency rescue plans. At the same time, the county should be equipped with 725,000 woven bags, 110,000 square meters of colored strip cloth, 99,000 cubic meters of sand and pebbles, and 29,000 cubic meters of block stones. As of now, 723,000 PP woven bags and colorful bags have been stocked. There are 312,000 square meters of cloth, 310,000 cubic meters of sand and pebbles, and 31,000 cubic meters of block stones, and there are sufficient reserves for flood control materials.