26,000 local flavor LV "woven bags", netizens: this is also "too grounded", subvert the aesthetic

02 Jun 2020


Source: https://www.toutiao.com/i6716319115297948172/?tt_from=mobile_qq&utm_campaign=client_share×tamp=1589612534&app=news_article_lite&utm_source=mobile_qq&utm_medium=toutiao_ios&req_id=202005161502130100210341010DA66B03&group_id=6716319115297948172

After reading these two bags, I found out

It turns out that poverty is not limited to my imagination

And aesthetic

26000 "LV woven bag bags"


I believe everyone must have been to the train station,

It wouldn’t be unfamiliar without the scene above, right?

A group of unpretentious people carrying a "PP woven bag" of luggage


Paris Fashion Week 2007

It is such a simple 9.9 and still free package, which has become a "trend" in the hands of LV designers.


I think the inspiration for the design of this bag should come from the words "Football shoes, snake leather bag, you are the most beautiful boy in the village~"

The price of this bag has broken through people's imagination and reached "26000". Could it be that I spent too long in the old forest in the mountains and derailed from the times?

It's not just bags. Balenciaga started to make new appearances when it changed hands. The new version of the colorful snakeskin bag shined on the 2016 show. Also made into "woven clothing" "woven hat", there are different types of bags

Hereu Colmade cutout small shoulder bag worth 4000

Yes, you read that right, it's the bag

It’s worth more than 4000, do you feel familiar?

Yes, it's the bag used when the aunt buys food

It turned out that the phrase "buying vegetables with LV bags" was not bragging.

As the saying goes, "There is reincarnation in heaven, who will be spared by heaven", this sentence fully illustrates that the trend is really reincarnation

Okay, anyway, I can't understand this "trend" and "fashion"