Mesh bag quality and stitching

24 Sep 2019



Flat mesh bag, bag edge, bottom stitching, generally adopts the flat stitch method or chain lock method, the hem edge is folded into 2 folds, the hem width is greater than or equal to 1.3cm, and the shirring stitches are basically parallel, respectively. 1/3 inside and outside. Folded width, no jump stitches, float lines and no back stitches. The chain-locking method is stitched together, located in the fold, without jump stitches or float lines.

The warp knitted mesh bag edge, the bottom is woven at the same time in the weaving bag, the weaving edge is cut by hot melt knife, no loose edge phenomenon, the bottom of the bag is single or double weave, the width of the bag side is 2.3±1cm.

Test method: visual inspection under natural light, the width of the fold (bag) edge is measured with a steel ruler accurate to 0.1 cm.

Color: There should be no significant difference between the same batch of products.

Stain: No obvious pollution is allowed.

Pocket edge: no obvious irregularities.

Serial port bag: It should be neat and the interval is not obviously misplaced.

Broken weft: Each mesh bag is allowed to have 2 non-adjacent, but need to be fastened, de-needle: not allowed