PE tarpaulin and color strip fabric performance characteristics

16 Aug 2019



PE tarpaulin and color strip fabric performance characteristics

1. PE tarpaulin is a kind of tarpaulin. It is made of new material (polyethylene). It is made of double-sided film during production. It is more waterproof and durable. It is often used for outdoor open-covering products, which is more than the service life of color strips. Long, more resistant to wear and wear, bright colors, generally blue-orange, blue-white, blue-silver, double-blue color. The service life of PE tarpaulin is about 2 years. PE tarpaulin can be processed into different sizes according to customer's specifications. For example: 10m*20m, 20m*30m, 20m*50m, etc., general paper factory, The dock, coal plant and power plant will choose to use PE tarpaulin, which is characterized by waterproof, durable, light weight and easy to use.

2, color strip cloth is a plastic tarpaulin, generally using polypropylene material to produce colored strips. The popular name is also called: old color strip cloth (polypropylene). The color is slightly dim, the flexibility is poor, but the cost is high, suitable for temporary use. The use time is short, generally about 2 months to 6 months. There are many colors of color strips, which are generally divided into double color strips and multi-color strips. The two colors are mostly composed of a color and white, such as purple. White, blue and white strips, red, white and blue strips. The size of the color strip fabric is fixed. Customers can only buy it according to the fixed size. It can't be customized according to the size. The general size is: 4*50 meters, 6*30 meters, 8*20 meters, 10*20 meters.