Classification of polypropylene woven bags​ fiber

10 Jul 2019



Classification of plastic woven bag fiber

SG Global Tip: The method of making fiber yarn from plastic film is called film forming method. In the plastic knitting industry, it is called drawing. Due to the different methods of film forming, the produced filaments can be classified into two types.

The first type is a flat yarn which is a product of longitudinal stretching after cutting a film into a narrow strip which is a flat strip.

The second type is a split film or a split fiber, a torn fiber, which is a product which is cut into narrow strips by a film and then mechanically drawn into narrow strips and stretched into a network.

According to the information held by Lingjie Packaging, the raw materials used in polypropylene woven bags are basically polypropylene, and polypropylene is also called polypropylene. Therefore, flat yarn is also called polypropylene flat yarn. Strictly speaking, only the flat yarn made of polypropylene can be called polypropylene flat yarn.