How to make the standard of transport tarpaulin

30 Oct 2018



Tarpaulins have a protective effect on long-distance transported goods, but how do you do the standard for transporting tarpaulins?

1. Special line and special railway arrive at the unloading tarpaulin. After unloading, the consignee will arrange the tarpaulin according to the rules (cleaning and folding) within two days by the “truck tarpaulin handover order” filled by the special line freighter. At the station pontoon, if the consignee fails to deliver the tarpaulin according to the date of the rule, the tarpaulin extension fee shall be collected according to the rules, which is calculated on a day-to-day basis.

2. When there is any abnormality, the consignee must unload the vehicle together with the special line freighter.

3. Stop cutting, damage to the tarpaulin and the rope. If it is found that the tarpaulin is lost due to the responsibility of the consignee, the damage, lack of waist, side rope, etc., shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

4. Before using the tarpaulin in the station, you should check the quality one by one. When using the railway tarpaulin, fill in the tarpaulin number in the “Traffic Truck Punch Number” column of the goods, and use the “×” symbol in the “Traffic Truck Punch Number” column of the goods bill of lading when using the self-provided tarpaulin. And check whether the shipper indicates “self-provided tarpaulin × Zhang” and the number in the “Shipper’s Recorded Items” column of the goods bill of lading.

5, special line, special railway loading and unloading railway tarpaulin: special line, special railway freighter fills the "truck poncho transfer order" (in duplicate), the shipper filled with the special line freighter Cloth handover order."

6. Get it at the station. And view one by one (the cloth body is intact, no damage, no lack of eye circles, marks, numbers are intact and clear. The rope is complete, intact, no joints, strong plug, and accurate connection with the tarpaulin), check the number. After checking the correctness, the shipper fills in the tarpaulin number and the number corresponding to the tarpaulin by the "truck tarpaulin handover order" filled by the awning.

Although this standard for transporting tarpaulins is relatively complicated, in order to be safely delivered to the destination, it is transported according to standards.