What is weed mat? Can I use a few years?

17 Oct 2017



What is weed mat? Can I use a few years? The weed control may be very strange to many of our friends, but they are close friends for our peasant plantation friends. In fact, simple literally, we can probably guess what is a product of grass control is certainly a grass-resistant function, but what exactly is it? Below we tell you in detail about grass cloth.


It is a kind of plastic woven cloth which is made by using polypropylene after drawing silk and then through circular weaving process. After adding special materials in the production process, it not only prolongs the service life outdoors , But also can well play a role in preventing the growth of weeds in the cultivation of cash crops and cultivation in greenhouses. The use of grass cloth can effectively inhibit the growth of a variety of weeds, weed mat has a large enough water permeability, to prevent water in the drape surface water puddles, so as to keep the ground clean, suitable for walking, but that serve two birdsted's sake thing.


Can I use a few years? The service life of the straw has always been our most concern, from the perspective of use and environmental analysis, his life can be divided into two parts:


1. open-air use: 3 years, this kind of straw is generally used in the open-air cash crops or orchards, due to long-term outdoor wind and sun, anti-aging ability will be greatly reduced, and due to 24H daily uninterrupted exposure In the sun and wind and rain, so his life expectancy is generally about 3 years.


2. indoor use of greenhouses: 5 years, as it is used indoors, with the opposite use of open air, the impact of sunlight and wind is very small, anti-aging ability will be fully demonstrated, the minimum service life is 5 years.