Precautions in the use of mesh bags

30 Jul 2021



Notes on the use of mesh bags: As the industry has grown, the use of mesh bags has increased. Today, they are mainly used in the sales market. Because mesh bags are perforated, they can reasonably ensure the freshness of the products mentioned above, although they are no longer suitable for us. I cannot understand it. There are more things to look out for when using mesh bags, but many of my friends don't understand. Below, the mesh bag manufacturers will provide a detailed introduction to the matters that need attention when using mesh bags.

  1, do not use sharp products to cause harm to the mesh bag, because the raw material of the mesh bag is difficult to produce. Once the sharp products enter the mesh bag, it will cause obvious and irreversible damage to the mesh bag, making it unusable.

  2, do not choose poor quality mesh bags. It is important to understand that if the quality of the mesh bag manufacturer is too poor, it will cause some unexpected situations such as damage to the mesh bag throughout the use process, which will immediately lead to the appearance of property damage.

  3, do not choose too large mesh bags. When choosing a mesh bag, it should be based on the volume of the object to choose. Assuming that the mesh bag size is too large, although it can hold a lot of products, but also easy to cause the kneading and molding of products.

  4, encounter curled mesh bags, must know the cause of this situation, is the thickness of the composite film is not the same, or the heat sealing temperature control is not good.

  5, such as due to temperature reasons, can be produced using low temperature heat sealing materials. Through the above methods, I believe that the mesh bag factory can deal with the problem of mesh bag rolled edge very well.