Container bag (ton bag, FIBC,bulk bag) Features&Performance

17 Nov 2021



Container bag (ton bag, FIBC,bulk bag) is mainly used to ship some scattered, powder granular materials, with cranes can achieve unitary transport. Container bag is a flexible transport packaging container, widely used in food, grain, medicine, chemical, mineral products and other powdery, granular, massive goods transport packaging. Container bag, also known as space bag, flexible container bag, belongs to the container unit appliance, has the advantages of large capacity space, light weight, convenient handling and so on. Container bags as scattered materials packaging materials, the main production raw material is polypropylene, mixed with some stable adjuvants, after the melting of the extruder into plastic film, after a series of cutting, stretching, heat setting, textile, film, suture and other processes, finally made into container bags (ton bag, FIBC,bulk bag). Bulk bagsare mainly filled with lumpy, granular or powdery items, and the physical density and looseness of contents have significantly different effects on the overall results. For the determination of the performance of the container bag, as close as possible to the customer to load the product to do the test, this is the standard written in the "test special standard filler", as far as possible to make the technical standard to meet the challenge of the market economy. Generally speaking, through the lifting test of the container bag is not a problem. Container bag products are widely used, especially powder and granular objects such as cement, grain, chemical raw materials, feed, starch, minerals and even dangerous goods such as calcium carbide, loading and unloading, transportation and storage are very convenient. Container bag products are in a rising stage of development, especially in the form of a ton, pallet (a pallet containing a container bag, or four container bags), more popular.


(1) light weight, good flexibility, easy to bend, the use of bento; (2) No damage to the appearance of the hanging object, strong maintenance; (3) lifting stability, high safety coefficient; (4) high tensile strength, beautiful color, easy to distinguish; (5) it is an insulator; (6) The lifting belt has long service life, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; (7) Save money; (8) widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power establishment, military manufacturing, port loading and unloading, power equipment, machine processing, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation and other categories.


Strength: flat lifting belt 1T-30T round lifting belt 1T-300T Bandwidth: 25mm-250mm Elastic elongation: rated load <10% limit working force 2%-3% load identification: in the process of use, after the label on the lifting belt wear, the bearing tonnage can be identified by the color of the strap coat. Operating temperature: -40~100℃ Safety factor: 5:1 6:1 7:1