The Great Wall "beautician" walking on the cliff

28 Jul 2020



Workers walk on the cliffs, and they will slip off if they are not careful.

Under my feet is a pile of rubble formed by the collapse of the city wall. I stepped on it and made a large landslide. If you want to support the city wall or grab a tree trunk, you have to repeatedly confirm whether it is firm. To prevent falling, you can only lower the center of gravity and then lower it. Based on experience...

From mid-July, the 2020 Great Wall environmental resource improvement work in Huairou District has started. The Huairou District Cultural Relics Office hired an ancient construction company that participated in the Great Wall repair, and arranged for experienced workers to carry out full-line environmental remediation on the 65.4 kilometers of the Great Wall within the territory and within 10 meters of both sides, covering 284 enemy buildings, enemy platforms, and gateways, including picking up various types Man-made garbage that affects the environment is removed, scribbles are removed, and the dangers that appear in the survey of the Great Wall are collected.

Recently, the rectification work has been carried out to the fifth team of Dazhenyu Village, Bohai Town, from the Xiangshuihu section of the Great Wall, passing through the Wangquanyu section of the Bian Great Wall, the reporters followed the workers all the way.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, 7 workers set off from the station, and arrived at the foot of the Great Wall before 7 o'clock. They are carrying backpacks with safety ropes, water and food, etc., carrying a large pp woven bag containing garbage in one hand, and a homemade climbing stick in the other.

Kang Xilu, 58 years old; Yuan Guosheng, 60 years old; Yang Dejun, 57 years old; Cao Shuhao, 53 years old... Workers are generally older. "Young people can't do this job. It's frizzy and too dangerous. These are the teachers who have participated in the Great Wall repair project in Huairou. They often climb the Great Wall and have rich experience. Most people can't catch up with them. And they know where the Great Wall is. They are more accurate when there is a dangerous situation." Zhang Fengming, the head of the ancient construction company who led the team, introduced.

“It’s a day when we come up. We don’t go back. We go to the next village at around 4pm and we just make up for lunch on the mountain.” Kang Xilu, 58, told reporters. He has been involved in the repair of the Great Wall for 8 years and has repaired Jiankou and other sections of the Great Wall. Participating in environmental improvement has allowed him to see more forms of the Great Wall.

Although the Wangquanyu and the drooping sections of the Great Wall are not as famous as the Jiankou Great Wall, they are also quite steep. The Wangquanyu section has passed the "bow knot" and climbed all the way to the ridge. This section of the Great Wall naturally collapsed due to wind and rain erosion. It is said to be climbing the Great Wall. In fact, most of the time, there are piles of gravel and bricks at the foot. Part of the wall collapsed. After climbing the cliff and climbing along the edge of the remaining gravel, the people behind looked at the people in front as if they were flying over the wall.

It had just rained the day before, and the walls were slippery. The reporter was cautious every step he took, panting after crawling for a while. But the experienced masters are walking very fast and quietly. As they walked, they picked up rubbish along the line. The most mineral water bottles and cans. Fortunately, the big deal is to get out of the thorny bushes. Those under the city wall are more dangerous. The height difference of the strong city wall is large, and it is very difficult to get down. In dangerous places, a safety rope needs to be tied to the waist, and several workers dragged a relatively light worker down to pick it up. Where the city wall collapsed, down along the gap, the gravel under your feet was loose. Once you step on a landslide, inexperienced people will not dare to step down. But as long as the garbage is visible, the workers will not let go.

"When throwing it lightly, I don't think we can throw one or two by one person. It takes a lot of effort to pick it up," said Yuan Guosheng, a 60-year-old worker. The Great Wall is built on ridges, often with cliffs on both sides. The remediation work started in summer, and the rain was frequent, and the workers were often covered with mud at the end of the day. In some areas, vehicles can't get close, and often you have to climb the mountain road for an hour first to get to the foot of the Great Wall. The exposed hands and arms are covered with thorns, and there are scars on the exposed hands and arms.

It is more difficult to clean up scribbles. It is necessary to study specific schemes under the premise of maximizing the protection of the main character of the Great Wall. When there is a tool of time to go up the mountain, you have to take several breaks in between.

As early as 2018, Huairou District took the lead in launching the Great Wall environmental resource improvement work in the city. In 2019, the Great Wall environmental improvement work was carried out from early August to the end of December. A total of about 7 tons of various pollutants including mineral water bottles were picked up, and more than 3,000 scribbles were removed.

This year's rectification work began in mid-July, and it is planned to intensively clean up five times, and it is expected to end before the end of November.

What makes the masters pleased is that through their hands, the environment along the Great Wall in Huairou has been greatly improved. The old garbage and scribbles are all gone, and the new garbage and scribbles can be cleaned up in time. The ancient style of the Great Wall Get better presentation. "The treasure left by the ancestors, whether it is repairs or environmental remediation, is to better give it to the next generation, so no matter how hard and tired, I feel very proud." Kang Xilu said during a break. Our reporter Yu Lishuang