Improvement of the gloss of the mesh bag

20 Mar 2020



Mesh bags have been widely used in our daily life, so our requirements on quality and appearance are also constantly increasing, such as how to improve the gloss of the surface;

To improve the gloss of the mesh bag, it is first necessary to improve the brightening modification, and the matting modification can also be performed. In addition to work on the selection of raw materials;

Methods such as adding brightening method, blending brightening method, morphological control brightening method, molding equipment smoothness control, secondary processing brightening method, and surface coating brightening method are also needed, especially the use of additives.

The improvement of the gloss of the net bag can not only increase the appearance of the net bag, but also guarantee our use of quality net bags. State the improvement of the gloss of the net bag. So many users pay more attention to the improvement of the net bag when buying.