Tarpaulin production process and transportation requirements

25 Feb 2020



Tarpaulin is no stranger to everyone. It is often seen in our daily life. It is a product that plays an important role in life and has multiple uses. There are two basic production methods. One is horizontal machine production, which is a heavy-duty large cylinder. Put the cloth into the material and then put it out on the belt. Press and flatten the bottom of the heavy-duty cylinder. Dry on a dryer, then trim, circle, and package.

The other is vertical machine production, vertical machine machinery production. Straighten the cloth into the raw material box and pull it out. The viscose material on the cloth is a high-purity material, and then both sides are straightened. Scrape, scrape with a knife, and then dry in a dryer, trim, circle, and package. There are two types of dryers, one is electric burning and the other is boiler. The vertical machine has high requirements for raw materials, and the raw materials must have a certain degree of purity. tarp produced by vertical machines are often slightly more expensive, and the purity of tarp products is also high.