How to distinguish the quality of tarpaulin

07 Jan 2020



Then one of the criteria that can be important in the quality of the tarpaulin is density. The higher the density, the better the strength, and the better the quality, and the more you can see the appearance, then The rougher the surface, the lower the quality. Then it ’s coming. So if you take a tarpaulin, then you need to look at the roughness first. Then you can use it. Try softness by hand, then when you buy, tarpaulins can be tested with water, and it is after a good tarpaulin product is rubbed with hands and then dripped with water to see if it leaks Yes, and it ’s here that if the quality of the tarpaulin is bad, there is a problem, and then it ’s here, then it ’s possible to use the tarpaulin, then it ’s the first thing to spread, and it ’s Then fix the corners of the tarpaulin. If you are here, you can still place some pallets or bricks on the bottom of the goods, which can improve the waterproof effect * Also, you can pay attention to the corresponding fixing in the fixed order, that is, for example, the left front corner, the right rear corner, the right front corner, and the left rear corner, and it is necessary to fix the entire tarpaulin. To adjust the pull rope to make all aspects of the pulling force common.