What is the printing process for color printing woven bags?

30 Oct 2019



The color printing pp woven bag produced by the manufacturer of plastic woven bags is one of the commonly used woven bags in our life. This kind of woven bag is not as simple as we imagined in production. There are many production techniques. Below we will Let's take a look at how Qingdao SG Global Packaging Co., Ltd. introduces its printing process.

Color printing woven bag printing ink selection: color printing woven bag printing uses special plastic ink, strong adhesion on the woven bag, not easy to fall off.

Color printing woven bag printing method: printing color printing woven bag, if the quantity is small, usually printed by flat screen, which is characterized by convenient and flexible plate making, but the screen printing has a short service life. Thirdly, the printing of color printing woven bags is necessary to dry or dry after printing into finished products because of the relationship between the inks, otherwise the printed content is easy to stick, which is very important.

There are many production processes for color printing pp woven bags, in addition to its printing process, as well as its flat wire process, both of which are important steps in the production of color printing woven bags, so manufacturers should pay attention when printing.