The ground cover of using grass cloth in the greenhouse

06 Jun 2019



In the greenhouse, there are three main ways to use the ground cover in the greenhouse: all ground protection, partial ground protection, and the bottom of the seedbed. The greenhouse is used to fill the floor, and it is used for soilless culture of vegetables and flowers, crop potting, etc. The ground cover is directly used on the greenhouse floor, and no other ground is needed. Crop placement can be precisely manipulated according to the marking lines on the ground cover. Sometimes, the trainer lays a layer of 20 mm of fine sand on the ground cover for the maintenance of the anti-grass cloth or the addition of the ground cover.

Partially ground protection, this usage is mainly in cooperation with the seedbed, in order to avoid weeds in the lower part of the seedbed and then cause disease. Laying a grass cloth on the lower part of the seedbed is one of the most common uses in greenhouses in China. This method can also reduce the water in the lower part of the seedbed (especially under the condition of irrigation of the seedbed), and then adjust the greenhouse. Humidity.

The ground cover can also be laid directly on the bed surface of the seed bed as a support layer for the bed surface, and then the support structure of the bed surface is simplified to reach the intention of being suitable for various culture containers. Ground cover is a kind of weeding and insisting on the ground. The ground cover has been widely used in outdoor potted flowers, nurseries, large yard beautification, grape cultivation, etc. It has become a high standard in the United States and Europe. Part of the cultivation form.

After selecting the ground cover, it can save a lot of floor construction costs and construction time. The ground floor treatment method of the cooperative ground cover can not only adhere to the stability of the water and soil on the ground, but also make it easier to deal with drainage, weeding and other issues. . The ground cover can also be used for root maintenance of trees, and the use of a ground cover adjacent to the roots of the trees can be used to reduce the growth of root weeds and then reduce the loss of nutrients and moisture in the root zone.