Product requirements for mesh bag manufacturers

26 Dec 2018



The vegetable industry has certain requirements for the products of mesh bag manufacturers. Plastic woven bags are also plastic mesh bags. Although the improvement of our living standards, people are increasingly demanding their own living standards, which greatly promotes the development of the country's vegetable industry and the development of other industries. The net bag production industry is one of the industries that drive vegetable transportation.

Mesh bags can be used not only in the vegetable transportation industry, but also in the construction industry that is now under development. The net bags can be used to hold various objects such as cement for the construction industry, as well as foods such as fruits, vegetables, flour and other products. And get a wide range of applications. Let me talk about its national production appearance specification:

1. Appearance quality requirements There are no more than 3 obvious oil stains below 100mm2 in cleaning, and obvious oil stains above 100mm2 are not allowed.

2. The stitching of the mesh bag is not allowed to be broken, broken, or unstitched.

3. the cutting edge of the mesh bag is not allowed to appear mountain side phenomenon

4. the mesh bag can not appear broken wire is less than 3.

This conforms to the above specifications and is considered a national standard net bag product.