How do PP woven bag manufacturers place and maintain PP woven bags

25 Jun 2021



After PP woven bag manufacturers have finished producing PP woven bags, how do they store and maintain PP woven bags? Next, let's share some tips for PP woven bag manufacturers to store PP woven bags. To a certain extent, reduce the aging of the PP woven bag and extend the life span?

The PP woven bag is composed of polypropylene bag and polyethylene bag according to the main material. According to the sewing method, it is divided into bottom-sewn bags and bottom-sewn bags. At present, it is widely used as packaging materials for chemical fertilizers and chemical products. The anti-aging performance of PP woven bags can be evaluated by artificial accelerated aging test and field exposure weather resistance test. The artificial accelerated aging experiment is to put the plastic bag experimental sample into the experimental equipment, which may be affected by light, oxygen, heat, humidity and other factors at the same time or in turn. In this case, the main environmental parameters are relatively easy to maintain relatively stable, so obtain The data can maintain good repeatability.

The above-mentioned UV-accelerated aging products are inspected and qualified. If they are used in the actual use environment, the effect of preventing aging may be different. Especially when adding a filler, if a barrier amine light stabilizer is added, the anti-aging effect is unstable.