How to carry out the quality inspection of PP woven bags?

30 Apr 2021



PP woven bag manufacturers conduct quality inspections after the products are produced, because quality is the prerequisite for our use, let’s take a look at the way we measure it, let’s take a look now.

In order to save production costs, PP woven bag manufacturers continue to use them after recycling. Recycled PP woven bag are not only dirty, but also harm our health. The first thing to check is the quality, which is the prerequisite for use, and then confirm whether it is clean. If it is not, some pollution will occur during use. There are certain standards for testing, including size, weight, etc.

When inspecting the product quality of PP woven bag, we must carefully increase the qualification rate of the product so that it can be better in use. In addition, the test product must be placed in an appropriate environment, so it has a very good effect on prolonging the life of the product. In addition, keep such PP woven bag in a cool, dry warehouse, and do not expose them to direct sunlight, otherwise they may age and cannot be used in severe cases.

The flatness of cement woven bags is still very important, and flat woven bags are preferred to pleated PP woven bag. First of all, it attracts consumers in terms of aesthetics, so when producing cement PP woven bag, manufacturers have to put a lot of effort on flatness. In addition, efforts must be made to avoid wrinkles in the cement PP woven bag during production.

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