What is the difference between grass cloth and woven cloth?

24 Feb 2021



To be precise, weed mat is a kind of pp woven fabric.

Weed mat, also called weed-control fabric, is a kind of pp polypropylene or pe polyethylene as raw materials. After a specific process, the raw materials are melted, drawn into silk, and woven into fabric to achieve the effect of weed control.

What are the differences between grass-proof fabric and the woven fabric we see every day?

There are two main types of woven fabrics we usually see. One is plastic woven bags used for packaging, which are mostly made of pp, which has high tensile force and can hold heavy objects. The other is tarpaulin for covering, mostly made of pe. Waterproof and durable.

Grass-proof fabric is very different from these woven fabrics.

1.Different functions.

The main function of the grass-proof fabric is to block sunlight, permeate water and breathe. The role of woven fabric is to carry heavy objects, cover and waterproof.

2. Different anti-aging requirements.

The grass-proof fabric has to be exposed to the sun for a long time in the orchard, which requires a particularly high level of anti-aging. The brand-new pp anti-aging effect is good and can be used for 3-5 years, and the brand-new pe grass-proof fabric has a good anti-aging effect, the service life is 8 to 10 years.

The grass-proof fabric for ordinary packaging is almost afraid of direct sunlight, and some waterproof woven tarpaulins can only be used for two or three years.

3. Different weaving process requirements.

Because the grass-proof fabric is used in the field of agricultural planting, it needs to be conducive to the growth of crops, so it needs good water permeability.

Ordinary woven fabric does not have this requirement. If it is not purchased properly, it may affect the respiration of the crop roots and affect the growth of the crop.

4. The specifications are different.

The grass-proof fabric is used flat, in sheet shape, with a width between 2000px and 10000px, and a square meter weight between 70 and 120g. Other woven fabrics come in sheets and barrels, and have their own width and square meter weight depending on the field of use.