How to distinguish the quality of Polypropylene woven bags

25 Dec 2020



How to identify the quality of Polypropylene woven bags is a concern of many consumers. In order to understand the quality of Polypropylene woven bags to help more consumers, this article specifically summarizes the following points for consumers' reference:

Generally speaking, high-quality Polypropylene woven bags are non-toxic and tasteless, and have almost no harm to the human body. Although they are made of various chemical plastics, they are environmentally friendly and have greater recycling rates.

From the appearance to distinguish good from bad, you can see whether there are skipping ropes and colors, whether they meet the requirements of woven fabrics. From a professional point of view, whether it is recycled materials, semi-permeable materials or woven fabrics of new materials. Woven bags made of this new material are of good quality and can be reused. Polypropylene woven bags made of original materials can be used outdoors. More than a few months.

Generally speaking, the quality of Polypropylene woven bags made of recycled materials is poor, and Polypropylene woven bags made of recycled materials are neither white nor transparent. We can also shake it again to see if there is any debris. The point is whether the smell is strong. The recycled Polypropylene woven bags are made from waste plastics and industrial waste. Most of them are cloudy, sticky to the touch, and have a strong plastic smell.

The naked eye can only identify it roughly, and whether it needs to be tested for accuracy. Carry out appearance quality, tensile load, drop test, heat resistance, sanitary performance and other tests. If the surface wrinkles are not obvious after flattening, we can rub it with our hands, the quality is better, and the hand feel is not good. The thickness and density can also be checked, and then pulled out to check the strength. The relative breaking force is significantly reduced for Polypropylene woven bags of recycled materials.

If an auxiliary return material is added, the relative breaking force will be lower. The elongation at break is unstable, and the addition of recycled materials will affect the breaking rate. The brittleness of recycled materials Polypropylene woven bags is significantly improved, especially the low temperature brittleness is worse, the electrical insulation is reduced, the impact resistance is reduced, the aging degree is improved, and the speed is accelerated.