Silt Fence

08 Jun 2017

Author: SG Global Packaging


The silt fence fabric is a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment in storm water runoff. 

Silt fences are widely used on construction sites in North America, Australia and elsewhere, due to their low cost and simple design However, their effectiveness in controlling sediment can be limited, due to problems with poor installation, proper placement, and/or inadequate maintenance.

SG Global Packaging started to manufacture PP woven goods from 1993, we are committed to producing and exporting silt fences to USA, Canada, Australia and so on. Through research and analysis of customer market and customer feedback, we constantly introduce new production equipment and production technology to produce the competitive goods to meet the needs of market and customers.

With more than 20 years development, more and more customers have chosen SG Global Packaging as their trusted supplier. Why more customers choose us? As follow are what we could supply for our customers.

1. PP materials

    We produce by virgin PP to make the fabric toughly.


2. UV rate

   We will choose the CIBA-770 (best brand) and add the 5% UV to against the sunlight.


3. Side cut

    By ultrasonic cutting and also with close selvage to make the edge more strong.


4. Paper core

    Custom the paper core, such as size, thickness to be workable for machine using.


5. Specifications

  There are available for color, size, thickness and color of mark-line.


6. Quality control

     QC team check and control the quality from producing to loading to ensure every roll you receive is the best.


7. Packing way

    Custom packing materials, such PE film bag, PP fabric or Stretch film.


8. Marks & Nos

    Marks every roll to easily check quantity and store.


9. Test report

    Can provide the test report if you need.