Weed Barrier

27 Apr 2017

Author: SG Global Packaging

Source: www.sgglobalpack.com

Qingdao SG Global Packaging Weed Barrier is a polyester-blend polypropylene landscape fabric that works to keep weeds out and hold moisture in. Its breathable design allows for the application of water, fertilizer, or insecticide over the top of the fabric. The liquid will filter down into the soil without damaging or degrading the fabric itself. The SG Global Packaging Weed Barrier can be cut to size using household scissors. In most applications, the SG Global Packaging Weed Barrier should be installed fuzzy side down, which will provide the best results for weed control and soil stabilization. However, when mulch is being placed over the fabric, installing it with the fuzzy side up will help hold the mulch in place.

Additional Features

· Stops weeds

· Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through

· Superior light blocking

· Conserves soil moisture

· Easy to install

· Environmentally safe

· Great for commercial

· Landscapes

· Professional quality

· Striped for easy plant alignment

We recommend this product be covered by mulch or another material to extend the product's life. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will reduce the lifespan of the product.