Closure of the main bridge of Jianjiang Extra Large Bridge on Wuchuan Branch of Shanzhan Expressway

13 Aug 2020



At 0:58 on August 12, as the concrete pouring of the last side was successfully completed, the left side of the main bridge of the Jianjiang Extra Large Bridge from Yunfu to Zhanjiang Section of the Shanzhan Expressway was successfully closed, marking the important control of the project The main structure of the Jianjiang Extra Large Bridge was successfully completed.

Jianjiang Bridge is a control project of Wuchuan branch line, with a total length of 1207.5 meters and a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour. It adopts two-way four-lane expressway design standards. The main bridge type is 45 meters + 80 meters + 45 meters variable cross-section continuous rigid frame, using the hanging basket cantilever pouring construction method, a total of 98 blocks in the whole unit, the hanging basket construction lasted nearly 11 months.

"Last night at 10 o'clock, the construction site was brightly lit, and all the staff were full of energy to make the final sprint for the bridge closure." Zhang Wentao, chief engineer of the ZB-TJ01 contract section of the Wuchuan branch line, told reporters.

According to Wu Junqiang, director of the Wuchuan branch management office of the project, the Jianjiang Bridge on the Wuchuan branch has an investment of about 200 million yuan and officially started construction in September 2018. All the builders worked together to overcome difficulties and completed the first pile of the main bridge. Foundation pouring, cap pouring, thin-walled pier pouring, and 0# block pouring are completed. After more than 700 days of refined construction, the pouring of the last closing section of the main bridge of Jianjiang Bridge has finally been completed. Closed on the 28th.

During the construction, the management party has formulated a strict quality control system, established a sound quality responsibility system, and strictly implemented the quality "three inspections" system. In the process of pouring the main pier of the bridge, various construction preparations, backyard discharge, concrete quality and pouring speed were put under key control. During the construction of the main bridge, the project strengthened the construction techniques such as hanging baskets and moving baskets, strengthened the supervision and retrospective monitoring of the construction process, timely analyzed and solved problems, strictly grasped the quality control points of each process, and accurately mastered the on-site production. The principle of first article acceptance and comprehensive promotion is to implement the first article system. The Wuchuan branch line management office has established 42 standards for subgrade, bridge and culvert construction methods based on "solidification of process engineering methods and implementation of team first article systems". Lead the promotion to ensure construction specifications and high-quality finished products.

The Jianjiang Bridge is only more than 10 kilometers away from the entrance to the sea. In order to protect the "Golden Mountains and Silver Mountains" of the people along the coast, during the construction process, the project uses dedicated personnel to drain the mud 24 hours, and the shore mud sedimentation tank uses seamless steel plates and pp woven bag resistance. Measures such as adding temporary drainage ditches to prevent mud from flowing into the water body and ensure that construction does not pollute the water area. At the same time, the builders have delineated water and soil protection areas, and the construction should be arranged in the dry season as much as possible to effectively prevent soil erosion.

Jianjiang, where the bridge is located, is the largest river in the coastal river system of Guangdong, with a seven-level channel. In order to meet the needs of navigation, the bridge builders installed "navigable lifting holes" on the access roads of the construction trestle to ensure the safe passage of ships.

The Wuchuan branch of the Yunfu-Zhanjiang section of the Shan-Zhan Expressway is an expressway connecting the Zhanjiang Airport relocation project. It has a total length of about 30 kilometers and a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour. It adopts two-way four-lane expressway design standards. The project will start construction at the same time as the Zhanjiang Airport relocation project. It is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2021. After completion, it will benefit more than 18 million people in western Guangdong to travel, greatly enhance the ability of western Guangdong to quickly reach the country and connect to the world. Regional economic development has played a positive role in helping the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.